Programmed madness. Where is salvation?

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The current so-called pandemic, or tragicomedy, has revealed the root of human idiocy. On a global scale, the governments of all states tell lies to the people through the mass media and force them to make a spectacle of themselves by wearing masks and respirators, and by undergoing testing and genocidal vaccination. Real medical experts define all this so-called health care as a crime against humanity.

Healthcare has a mission to save lives and take care of health. Within the new system, it has become an instrument of genocide and the destruction of health. This is madness.

Physicians took the Hippocratic Oath, in which they pledged to protect life. Today, they are forced to do the exact opposite. They become tools of programmed genocide! This is the most serious crime and madness!

Mass use of humans as guinea pigs or laboratory rats in an experiment with a fatally dangerous genome-altering vaccine is a crime against humanity, a folly and idiocy.

The basic ideological programme today is the so-called reduction of humanity by six billion. The fact that healthcare is used as the tool for this crazy goal is an absurdity and a crime against humanity!

Based on gender ideology and sex education, children are forced into hormone therapies and later into gender reassignment surgery, which is a crime against humanity and madness.

A healthy family consists of husband, wife and children. Today, it is being purposefully eliminated by gender ideology. Children are being stolen from their loving parents on the basis of pseudo-laws and given to paedophiles or homosexuals for so-called adoption. This is monstrous tyranny, madness and stupidity.

A person who has denied reason and conscience refuses to hear the truth and notoriously believes lies and self-deception – this is the basic human tragedy which serves as the foundation for the system of autogenocide, or reduction, of humanity into a so-called golden billion.

Gates has publicly stated: “If we do a great job on vaccines, we could lower the population by 10-15%.” This illiterate in medicine advocates mass vaccination of the entire planet. Under his leadership, all states are buying fatally dangerous vaccines as if they have lost their minds. How is it possible? The root of this stupidity is the evil within the human heart, which works through a lie. The poisoned root of evil, so-called original sin or the devil’s spiritual seed, entered into human nature through the sin of the first people.

What is this tragedy of the first sin? In fact, it was disobedience that severed man’s relationship with God. People believed the spirit of lies – the devil – and their disobedience set them against God. The seed of the devil, the source of evil, selfishness, has remained as a dark inheritance in our human nature. All crimes, sadistic torture, brutal tyranny, murders, genocides, hatred, meanness, quarrels, all come from this poisoned source of evil in the soul.

Pagans worship the devil and his demons, to whom they used to offer human sacrifices, so the pagan world was ruled by evil and lies. Christianity paralyzed evil through the Gospel of Christ and through the righteous and divine laws. This created a barrier that prevented lies, evil, perversion and crime from engulfing humanity like a devastating epidemic. The last half century marked a turning point in legislation and thinking. Righteous laws have been replaced by so-called human rights, in fact by the promotion of perversion and crime under the guise of positive concepts. International conventions, resolutions and recommendations have enforced all this in national legislation.

It has been revealed who is behind false freedom and the false good, and the monstrosity of the whole system that has rejected God has come to light. The world is now ruled by satanists seeking the mass genocide of humanity. It begins with psychological terror coupled with the demagogic promotion of the mRNA vaccine. Many scientists who have not yet betrayed their conscience urgently warn against this vaccine.

These scientists tirelessly repeat that the mRNA vaccine changes the human genome, which means the gradual extinction of the human race. They point out that this vaccine also belongs to the chipping process. The Bible warns against chipping, speaking about the punishment in the lake of fire. In addition, the mRNA vaccine contains tissue torn out from a live baby killed by abortion; this is an open manifestation of satanism, and hence of the worldwide satanization of humanity!

The Church has ceased to be the salt of the world and the pillar of truth, and starting with Vatican II it has conformed to aggiornamento or, in other words, the spirit of this world. Today, this process is being completed by pseudo Pope Bergoglio, a religious imposter and a public traitor of Christ. He advocates the legalization of sodomite unions. He has enthroned an abominable Pachamama idol in the Vatican, he himself being at the head of this ritual of worshipping the devil. He promotes the genocide of humanity under the guise of positive terms and religious phrases. He dictates the adoption of a fatally dangerous mRNA vaccine by all people. The invalid Pope Francis is de facto a guru of elite satanists. How is it that all this organized crime and fraud works? Once again, we come to the problem of evil and lies in the human soul. If the mind is deceived, it puts conscience aside. The source of evil in us then connects with the spirit of lies, with the “angel of light” (2Cor 11), and man begins to follow his inspirations and suggestions. Once he has embraced a lie, he begins to perceive it as something good. He does not accept true criticism or self-criticism. He radically rejects it. On this path of lies and self-deception, he takes further and further steps that intensify the evil and lead to self-destruction.

On a global scale, we see this today in the covid hysteria leading to the autogenocide of humanity. This is the fruit of the serpent’s seed in man.

What is the solution?

Jesus Christ is the Victor over lies, evil and the devil. To be free from lies and evil, we must receive the Lord Jesus. He is God and the Truth Incarnate. Self-criticism is the basis of repentance. Jesus then gives us forgiveness of sins.

In order for man to be truly delivered from evil within himself, Jesus requires that he lose his soul for His sake and the Gospel’s (Mk 8:35). Thus he will also get rid of the source of evil which is in his soul. This will make him truly free (Jn 8:36) and happy. To lose our soul means to give God our will. This paralyzes the spiritual source of evil, the dark ego that we adore. We idolize it even though this ego deceives the mind, dulls the conscience and enslaves the will. If we lose this source of lies and death for the sake of Jesus, we will save our soul for both temporal and eternal happiness.

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+Methodius OSBMr +Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

20 March 2021

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.